Shanghai Qi Pang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Qi Pang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Details
Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: Qipang
No. of Employees: 50~200 People
Annual Sales: US$ 1200 - US$ 2000
Year Established: 2010
Export p.c: 50% - 60%
Company Description
1. Shanghai Qipang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of polished rods and cable rods. It is located in Anting Town, Shanghai Auto City. The factory has strong technical strength and strong independent development. The product design is reasonable and the performance is perfect. The factory has been updated continuously for more than ten years. This year, it introduced German technology and technology to produce the third generation of aluminum alloy material. The performance is more excellent and the model is more beautiful. High precision, stepless speed regulation, instantaneous reversing, high-speed work, good assembly and easy to disassemble, the factory is: "quality-oriented, credit first, customer first" for business purposes, the establishment of a sound sales network To provide customers with fast and convenient services, the products have been in the leading position in China for many years, we warmly welcome new and old customers to work together to create a better future.
2. Main business scope: JZD series straightener, GP series polished rod cable

3. GP15-60 type light rod cable arranger---has (A type series cable arranger, B type series cable arranger, C type series cable arranger, three bar line arranger, parallel bar cable arranger, customized according to drawings Cable arranging device, iron shell cable arranging device, aluminum wire arranging device)
Wire and cable equipment, wire drawing equipment --- 1000/1250 cable machine, CQJ series into a circle machine, 400/500/630 large square bow beam machine.
(1) Straightener series products: This series of products has advanced design and fully absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad. It is a kind of mechanical products with excellent performance and high precision. All the main parts are made of high quality materials and heat treated. Straight wheel groove type has V type and R type, high precision bearing thickening custom straightening wheel, hard alloy straightening wheel, alloy steel sleeve type straightening wheel and so on. The groove type roughness is above 0.8, ensuring that the steel wire has no scratches and scratches, improving the flatness of the steel wire, enhancing the softness of the steel wire, and fully correcting the steel wire. The steel wire slackness and other indicators meet the technical requirements, and the service life of the straightener is doubled. Extending product quality is comparable to imported straighteners.
Straightener type: bead wire straightener series, steel cord straightener series, CO2 gas shielded welding wire straightener series, spring steel wire stainless steel wire straightener series, medium and low carbon wire straightener series, wire rope The straightener series, etc., can also produce various special specifications straighteners for users.

Cable arranging accessories --- lead frame, wire barrel, ceramic introduction, guide rail, balance rail, reversing arm, movable arm, torsion spring, compression spring, shaft, housing
Special bearings for cable arranging - special bearings, V-shaped bearings, Z6003 Z6005 Z6007 Z6009 Z6010 Z6011 Z6012 Z6013 Z6014 and other models.
Cable Adapter----Counter, Straightener, Meter, Motor Power
4. Mainly serving the wire and cable industry, wire drawing equipment, metal products, textile industry, casing, plastic bags, drip irrigation belts, wire ropes, electronic products, carrier tapes, power cables, communication cables,
5. The company has won the trust of many customers in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and Hebei. We have signed a long-term and stable contract with our company for one year. We are interested in coming to visit and negotiate.

Shanghai Qi Pang Industrial Co., Ltd.Shanghai Qi Pang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Issue Date:2018-09-05
Expiry Date:2020-01-01
Scope/Range:Rolling Ring Drive , Wire Straightener , Winding machine ,Yarn machine
Issued By:SGS
Number:No. 1N190425.SQPUO48
Issue Date:2019-04-25
Expiry Date:2024-04-25
Scope/Range:Winding Machine
Issued By:ECM
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